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                  1. We provide solution proposal for industrial waste water and gas treatment.

                    • 01. Project design for industrial wastewater and gas treatment project;
                    • 02.Supply of independently researched and developed biological fluidized bed with preset salt-tolerant bacteria strain, and multiphase catalytic reactor, in addition to the installation and system debug service.
                    • 03. Operation, maintenance and trusteeship service for wastewater treatment plant.

                    We provide upgrading and reconstruction service based on current waste water and gas treatment system.

                    • 01.Technical improvements utilizing current treatment process units.
                    • 02. Shortening of construction period and cost saving (no need to build expensive anaerobic tower).
                    • 03. High-tech biochemical treatment solution for saline wastewater using salt-tolerant bacteria strain.

                    We provide third-party regulation for environmental projects in chemical industry park.

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                    1005, Lane 912, Gonghe New Road, Shanghai